Creating a New Domain

Domains can be added to your server easily in DirectAdmin. This guide will explain how to set up a new domain with our recommended settings.

Creating a New User and Domain

It is recommended that you create a separate user account for each new domain. This provides extra security in case a domain is compromised.
  1. In DirectAdmin, log in to the Reseller account under which you want to create the user and domain.
  2. Under "Account Management" click on "Add New User".
  3. Enter the username, an existing email address, a new password, and the domain name you wish to create.
  4. Select the user package and IP address you wish to use.
    Note: User packages define the settings and resource limits for a User. If you haven't created a user package yet, see our support guide here.
  5. Click "Submit". The user and domain have now been added to the server.
    Note: If you have not already done so, the domain will need to be pointed to our nameservers and It may take up to 48 hours for DNS to update, depending on the ISP used.

SSL Certificate Setup

SSL is a security protocol for websites. Websites using SSL appear with an "https://" address and the secure green padlock symbol. Most online services, including Google, are now requiring that sites use SSL certificates so we recommend that all new domains are set up with it.

For how to set up an SSL certificate see our support guide here.

WordPress Setup

If you will be using WordPress on your site, we recommend using Softaculous to install and manage it. Softaculous makes installations and future upgrades almost effortless.

For how to set up WordPress on your domain, see our support guide here.

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